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One platform for all lines of business

The AMCS platform is designed to cover the end-to-end processes of a large variety of industries with complex logistics. It suits midsized companies but also scales to the large companies that run intensive delivery and collection operations, providing the complete pallet of logistic related services.

All in one platform.



Increasing complexity

Companies that run intensive delivery and collection operations are faced with increasing complexity to get the job done. Every single day! Transport related costs have risen over the last years. The urgency to use resources in an effective and efficient way is essential. At the same time, 21st century customers demand a high level of flexibility, predictability and reliability when it comes to the logistics of your services and products.

Every extra mile driven or failed journey is money wasted in fuel, wages and maintenance costs, whilst also reducing fleet capacity and its revenue earning potential.

Investing in the AMCS Intelligent Optimisation suite, like route optimisation, mobile solutions, webportals and other transport solutions, can help your business make the most of invaluable time by ensuring that drivers are given the best routes and that deliveries are made efficiently and on time.

In addition to the Intelligent Optimisation suite we offer the possibility of an enterprise management back office application or interfacing with third party back office software. AMCS Platform really covers all.



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