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Companies operating within home delivery have specific transportation planning needs i.e. dynamic routes optimisation and day-to-day planning.

Home Delivery Industry

Improving transportation efficiency within home delivery

Home delivery is a growth area within the transportation industry and for good reasons. Consumers want to save time and have their goods and services delivered at the doorstep whenever it suits them. Consequently, companies operating within home delivery have specific transportation planning needs i.e. dynamic routes optimization and day-to-day planning.

Moreover, the type of distribution determines the demands regarding the planning logic i.e. time slotting and time windows, load planning, etc.

Route Planner and Fleet Planner

Route Planner and Fleet Planner are ideal IT systems for planning and optimisation of all types of transportation in the home delivery industry. The solutions consist of various elements with functionality, which can be configured to cover exactly the needs of the customer. For example, customers can choose to have the system be implemented with the purpose of only planning and optimising day-to-day routes or only performing dynamic planning and execution.

Different planning needs

Route Planner has a powerful engine for optimising master routes, inserting customer and ad hoc orders into existing master routes and for daily batch-based route optimisation. These capabilities are especially relevant for distribution of orders to consumers, who order goods on a regular basis and according to visit patterns or for companies, which receive orders, which can be delivered in batches later the same day, next day, in two days, etc.

Fleet Planner supports dynamic and real-time-based optimisations, which can perform either batch or incremental planning. For incremental planning, the system will continuously change and re-optimise plans as orders are received, perform time slotting and pricing for new customers and ad hoc orders, as well as re-optimize routes in real time, based on GPS and status messages from a mobile system. These capabilities are especially relevant in connection with situations, where orders are received and must be delivered on ad hoc basis and often at short notice. Moreover, it is relevant in situations, where a certain service needs to be performed while the actual delivery takes place i.e. delivery of a washing machine, where installation by a service technician must be coordinated with the delivery.

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