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Webinar on-demand: Driving efficiencies through digitised supply chains in transport management

How real-world logistics problems can be solved by vehicle routing and business optimisation technology

AMCS invites you to a free webinar on April 9th on optimisation algorithm-based planning and optimisation, mobile solutions for drivers and other field staff and portals for stakeholders like hauliers and customers.

Would you like to improve the way you build, manage and execute vehicle routes? Gain insights into how you can remove the pain from route planning without sacrificing visit accuracy and encouraging customer engagement.

Learn how real-world logistics problems can be solved by vehicle routing and business optimisation technology. Improve your performance and optimisation of challenging and real-time based routes. Join AMCS as we explore the area of complex logistical challenges of route optimisation. 


You’ll discover how to: 

  • Reduce the time and effort required to manage complex routes 
  • Turn your paper trail into digital workflows
  • Perform live and real-time driven route optimisation 
  • And much more

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to save on operational costs and generate more revenue!

Watch the webinar online at your leisure

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Groningen truck underground bins

Sustainable waste collection in liveable cities using forecasting algorithms

Free webinar for municipalities, waste management companies and waste transporters

Join us for a free webinar hosted by Martijn Schimmer as he explores the advantages of using intelligent route optimisation software for collecting your containers (above and/or underground) on 18 June 2019. Sign up now

Register for the webinar here