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Real-time route planning, transportation optimisation and dispatching of distribution and collection routes within various industries.


Achieve agility and efficiency in highly demanding and dynamic planning environments.


Automatic load optimisation and stacking of goods based on route plans

With the AMCS Loading module, users are able to perform automatic load optimisation and stacking of goods based on route plans generated by AMCS’s route planning system. This means that it is possible to find the best way of packing the goods while still respecting the order sequences on each route.

AMCS Loading is an integral module of AMCS’s planning systems. Based on data regarding truck dimensions and the dimensions of the ordered goods, the 3D load planning algorithm of the system creates an effective loading plan. Subsequently, the loading plan is sent to the ERP/WMS.

The system presents the loading plan in 3D and is equipped with a user-friendly GUI enabling the planner to easily monitor and make manual changes to the suggested load plan in 3D. This can be done with functionalities such as zoom in on truck, rotation of truck, rotation of box and addition/removal of orders from load planning.

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