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Mobile workforce in cabin

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Enabling superior driver performance.

Mobile fat client

Fully integrated fat client with planning functionality

AMCS Mobile Fat is directly coupled with AMCS’s planning and optimization systems. Our planning and optimization systems are equipped with advanced automatic scheduling algorithms, which assist in handling a large number of variables and at the same time process large volumes of planning data quickly and accurately.

The core functionality AMCS Mobile Fat is the reception of route lists and order details from the planning system and the ability to send status messages back to the AMCS planning system as the stops on the route list are executed. These status messages make it possible to continuously re-calculate routes and inform customers about potential changes to the plan.

On top of the core functionalities comes a range of other functionalities which enable the user to fill out reports, take and access pictures, capture signatures, make scans, capture GPS traces, and much more.

AMCS Mobile Fat is built directly into the AMCS Fleet Planner planning system itself. Therefore, no integration is needed and the two system parts share the same data model. This means that AMCS Mobile Fat runs on a mobile device with (most likely an embedded) PC Windows operating system and if the central planning system is configured, this instantly applies to the mobile client as well.

This way the planner and the driver are using the same system. The only difference is that the application is presented in different ways, and the driver only has access to limited parts of the system.

The advantage is that the advanced functionality planning of a system can be used from the mobile device. Hence, the driver can (if allowed) for example have a local order bank; insert new orders in the route list; use sequence optimizations and the like. Moreover, the application has very strong capabilities within local integration to advanced vehicle equipment.

Features Overview

  • Send daily route lists to mobile device
  • View list & map of scheduled route and orders
  • View detailed customer information, i.e. access notes, phone numbers, etc.
  • Change the order of stops and make status changes to the trip and stop
  • Plan and/or change orders on the fly
  • Easily add information to an order and capture signatures, photos, etc.
  • Capture GPS for status change and unforeseen events
  • Send messages and documents to and from driver tablet/smartphone in real time
  • Recalculate routes and thus take unforeseen incidents and delays into account
  • Store status messages for delivery documentation
  • Access local order bank; insert new orders in the route list; optimise sequence, etc.
  • Integrate locally to advanced vehicle equipment.

Major benefits

  • Reduction of mileage, driving time and number of trucks
  • Increased and steady service levels
  • Improved delivery accuracy
  • Ease of planning for the office staff
  • Improved information flow to trucks

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