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With Route optimisation you can achieve 5-25% reduction in number of vehicles
and/or driver shifts

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With more than 30 years of experience, our systems are utilised widely at industry-leading companies.


For automatic geocoding, cleansing data, searching addresses and verifying positions

The module AMCS Geocoding possesses outstanding algorithms for automatic geocoding of address data. Based on address data the module automatically positions orders/customers geographically by assigning X and Y coordinates. Moreover, the module shows a report on the geocoding quality. Thereby, the user is enabled to verify positions and/or change suggested positions by spelling the address again or by pointing in the map.

The AMCS Geocoding module serves purposes such as:

  • Automatic geocoding
  • Cleansing data
  • Searching addresses (auto-complete when typing address)
  • Verifying positions
In connection with AMCS Geocoding, AMCS’s component for distance calculation can be used for calculating distances measured in time and miles/km, based on the street network and the vehicle attributes. This distance matrix can be built incrementally by the system or in batches, depending on which type of solution is needed.

AMCS Geocoding is an embedded part of AMCS’s planning systems but it can also be used as a service-oriented component for external systems. An example of the latter could be geocoding during order-taking.

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Free webinar: Driving efficiencies through digitised supply chains in transport management

How real-world logistics problems can be solved by vehicle routing and business optimisation technology

AMCS invites you to a free webinar on April 9th on optimisation algorithm-based planning and optimisation, mobile solutions for drivers and other field staff and portals for stakeholders like hauliers and customers.

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