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The transition from our old manual solutions to AMCS’ highquality, dynamic systems has resulted in numerous benefits which cannot all be quantified in money terms.

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Danish Crown

All transports have to be economically feasible, which means maximizing the filling ratio and minimizing mileage.


Just Eat

Automatic planning with AMCS’ distribution planning system helps JUST EAT manage peak hours.


Increased efficiency in distribution

L’EASY is one of Scandinavia’s largest players for the sale and rental of white and brown goods. By implementing automatic planning with AMCS Fleet Planner, the business has increased efficiency in distribution, achieved greater capacity utilisation and have also seen a significant improvement in customer services.

The challenge

The distribution of orders had traditionally been handled at each depot. Two planners at each depot were responsible for assigning the jobs to the drivers, and for providing some basic planning of routes. This manual process had to take each of the below points into account, for each driver’s daily plan:

  • Prioritisation of orders: Goods are delivered 6 days a week (not on Fridays)
  • Timing of drop offs and installations: In many cases the delivery is combined with installation of goods
  • Delivery conditions: Some orders require 2 drivers and strict time windows /time slots
  • Realistic timings: Orders are received continuously, and sometimes many days before the delivery day. A qualified delivery time needs to be agreed during order-taking, and so the order taker has to consider the cost of delivery, other nearby deliveries, etc. With various areas to consider for each order, they felt it was time to employ a solution that automates these processes, to enable them to be more efficient and streamline their procedures.

The solution

L’EASY wanted a planning system that would enable them to:

  • Reduce distribution costs.
  • Reduce overtime and mileage driven.
  • Increase the amount of visits per day, per distribution van.
  • Reduce time spent on order-taking and reduce errors in the process.
  • Provide excellent customer service and increase customer service levels via precise deliveries.

L’EASY chose AMCS Fleet Planner because the system can:

  • Perform rolling, incremental planning.
  • Provide time-slotting suggestions as a service,to support order-taking.
  • Work with flexible districts that changes during rolling optimisation.
  • Schedule resources as an integrated part of planning.
  • Enable real time fleet tracking.

The results

Simultaneous planning for sales and distribution department: Service-oriented systems facilitate a smooth work-flow and rolling planning

  • Easy and optimal time-slotting during order-taking: Ordertaker can see the cheapest delivery time options.
  • Addresses are validated during order-taking: Drivers now find addresses easier.
  • All master data can be maintained in one system: Drivers, vehicles, illness etc.
  • Increased customer service: Sales people do not promise more than can be achieved
  • Increased efficiency in the distribution: The system optimise’s on mileage and driving time
  • Ability to centralise the distribution planning: Removing the need for individual depots to get involved
  • Ability to handle heavily increased volumes: Without needing extra planners

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To find out what an advanced optimisation system can do for your organisation, please contact sales. We will be pleased to help you discover which efficiency gains your company.

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