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The transition from our old manual solutions to AMCS’ highquality, dynamic systems has resulted in numerous benefits which cannot all be quantified in money terms.

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Danish Crown

All transports have to be economically feasible, which means maximizing the filling ratio and minimizing mileage.


Just Eat

Automatic planning with AMCS’ distribution planning system helps JUST EAT manage peak hours.


Enormous amount of time saved

Loomis Denmark is one of the leading cash handling companies on the Danish market. In 2005 the company invested in the route optimisation system AMCS Route Planner, and now Loomis Denmark has increased the profitability of their cash distribution immensely.

The challenge

Loomis Denmark is part of the Loomis Group, a multinational cash handling company operating in eleven countries in Western Europe and in several states in the USA. The company deals with everything from collecting notes to sorting, counting and delivering money. As a leading Danish cash handling company, Loomis Denmark distributes and collects cash to and from ATMs, banks and retailers. The company has two main sorting centres, in Eastern and Western Denmark respectively, from where 40 trucks handle the distribution.

IT manager at Loomis Denmark, Sune Henriksen, explains, “The main reason for us to implement a route planning system was that we experienced significant losses on our money distribution. Since this is the core of our business, we needed to turn around the situation.

The solution

AMCS Route Planner was implemented in 2005, and Loomis Denmark purchased the system shortly after the pilot period. “The implementation went rather smoothly, and the operational managers quickly got the hang of the system,“ notes Sune Henriksen. “Before AMCS Route Planner was implemented, route planning involved a group of 8-10 planners and drivers who spent 160 hours creating the master plan manually.”

The results

“We are highly satisfied with the results we have obtained with AMCS Route Planner”, concludes Sune Henriksen. “Because of the enormous amount of time saved in planning and the large reductions in distribution costs, we have achieved a very rapid return on investment.”

Major benefits from implementing the system:

A significant reduction in the number of vehicles and drivers.

A 99,9% service fulfilment rate after having re-planned the master routes.

Time spent on planning reduced from approximately 300 hours to 8 hours in total.

Master planning frequency increased by 20-30 times.

Better internal coordination and easier cost-benefit analysis of customers.

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To find out what an advanced optimisation system can do for your organisation, please contact sales. We will be pleased to help you discover which efficiency gains your company can achieve with an AMCS system.

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